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Subject: [Lyroffers] 2021 Fall Special Offer | University of Michigan Press "Fund to Mission" OA Monograph Program

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University of Michigan Press "Fund to Mission" Open Access Monograph Program

The University of Michigan Press (UMP) has been taking steps to develop a publishing program that aligns with their mission and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Based on these principles, UMP is now transitioning to an Open Access (OA) monograph model they call "Fund to Mission."

We at LYRASIS are enthusiastic supporters of this new direction, and we urge everyone to consider participating in this new model for open monographs jointly funded by the University of Michigan and the library community.

The Fund to Mission Model
The Press is seeking a total of $250,000 in annual funding from the library community as it transitions to Open Access (OA). This amount is a match to internal funding from the University of Michigan. Every library investment in the University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) supports the Press's transition to OA. The Library Community is invited to participate in UMP EBC by way of their current fair pricing. However, rather than only funding a paywalled collection, an increasing percentage of titles become OA.

By committing to purchase one of the UMP EBC packages, libraries:

  *   Support the publication in OA of at least 50% (~45 titles) of UMP scholarly monographs in 2022 and 75% (~65 titles) of UMP scholarly monographs in 2023. If the full funding goal is met, the percentage of titles published as OA will increase.
  *   Receive perpetual access to the remaining restricted frontlist titles and term access to the backlist (~1,500 titles), which will otherwise remain closed to non-purchasers;
  *   Support authors' ability to publish innovative, digital scholarship leveraging the next-generation, open-source Fulcrum platform.

Go to the Fund to Mission website to find more information about why UMP is transitioning to OA: https://www.publishing.umich.edu/features/fund-to-mission

More information about the collection, licensing and pricing is located at http://bit.ly/LYRUMPEBC.

How You Can Help UMP Reach the Funding Goal
Every library investment in UMP EBC supports the Press's transition to OA. Committing to participate in the three-year Transitional Collection (2021 - 2023) will help UMP reach its funding goal more quickly, but, depending on your library's collection development priorities and current resource allocations, we invite you to purchase any of the UMP EBC packages.

2021 Fall Special Offer
UMP EBC pricing will remain flat for 2022 and for a limited-time UMP is extending the following special offers on all of their ebook packages that can help your stewarded funds go a bit further:
A 5% discount will be applied to the purchase of any of the following collections with a commitment to purchase made by December 17, 2021.

  *   UMP EBC Frontlists
     *   The Transitional Collection (2021 - 2023)
        *   Upfront purchase of 2021, 2022, and 2023 frontlists
        *   Libraries will own these titles in perpetuity as they become available and will have term access to the backlist through 2023.
     *   2021 Frontlist Collection (including complementary term access to backlist)
     *   2022 Frontlist Collection (including complementary term access to backlist)
  *   UMP EBC Backlists
     *   Single Year Backlist Collection (2012 - 2020)
     *   Complete Backlist Collection (2012 - 2020)
  *   UMP EBC All Books Collection
     *   Combined purchase of the 2021 Frontlist, 2022 Frontlist and Complete Backlist (2012 - 2020)
Please contact LYRASIS Member Support<mailto:membersupport at lyrasis.org?subject=2021%20Fall%20Special%20Offer%20-%20University%20of%20Michigan%20Press%20Fund%20to%20Mission%20OA%20Monograph%20Program> to request a quote.

Thank you,

Sharla Lair
LYRASIS Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives Team<https://www.lyrasis.org/about/Pages/content-and-scholarly-communication.aspx>


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