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Hello everyone. I hope this email finds you well. Today, we want to share with you the limited-time special offer that LYRASIS is featuring for The University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC)<https://www.lyrasis.org/content/Pages/product-details.aspx?pid=8D37544B-F9AA-E811-9416-00155DA0E429>.

The University of Michigan Press<https://www.press.umich.edu/>, part of the University of Michigan Library, has gone to great lengths to advance the values of the library community and adhere to best practices when creating, presenting, and selling UMP EBC. The collection features peer-reviewed, faculty-selected content in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, with particular strength in political science, performing arts, classics and archaeology, and American studies.

LYRASIS partners with a variety of scholarly publishing programs to help institutions' funds go further and meet the needs that you have now. But if we want to move to a more diverse and sustainable scholarly publishing ecosystem, then we must collaboratively reimagine how we navigate this space and consider new ways of investing in the change we want to occur. When you invest in a commercial publisher the funds go to shareholders, proprietary software, and incentives for editors and sales teams. In contrast, by investing in the University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection you support open and non-profit infrastructure that shapes sustainable, mission-aligned publishing of next-generation scholarly content.

The University of Michigan Press reinvests funds back into the communities they serve through initiatives such as:

  *   Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Reading List: The Press recently launched a reading list entitled "Where Do We Go From Here? Action-oriented Books on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion<https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yOXKfGkJVCt4Etu1RsNZNeaR9j6EDmio/view>." The resource highlights 24 titles that advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. All titles are available as part of UMP EBC. Learn more here<https://www.publishing.umich.edu/features/books-for-social-justice>.

  *   Open Access Asian Studies Collection: In August, the Press launched the Michigan Asian Studies Open Access Books Collection, a collection of 100 significant books about Asia made freely and publicly available online. All titles are hosted and accessible in the same manner as gated-access titles in the UMP EBC. Read more about the collection<https://www.publishing.umich.edu/features/asian-studies> and download OA MARC records here<https://umich.app.box.com/s/oxuimlw7m656w9ngpjfwim10zdqxy5at>.

  *   Course-adoptable books: There are over 250 course books included in UMP EBC<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j__p9tJ8BMWxxm5_kR5XKaHHufEU4gTI1wEO8xAT5pU/edit#gid=1866999211>. This includes titles mentioned in syllabi included in the Open Syllabus Project, books sold directly to college/university bookstores, and books that faculty members have adopted for their courses.

  *   Recent award winners: The Press recently had nine titles listed among the 2020 Outstanding Academic Titles<https://blog.press.umich.edu/2021/01/u-m-press-titles-named-as-2020-outstanding-academic-titles-by-choice/> from CHOICE and received the 2021 PROSE Best eProduct award<https://publishers.org/news/association-of-american-publishers-announces-subject-category-winners-of-2021-prose-awards/> for i used to love to dream-the first peer-reviewed hip-hop album-by A.D. Carson.

UMP EBC Features

  *   Frontlist includes complete coverage of new and forthcoming UMP scholarly DRM-free ebook titles with perpetual access rights
     *   At least 80 new books annually
     *   Purchase of frontlist includes term access to over 1,500 backlist titles
     *   Download UMP EBC Title List<https://umich.app.box.com/file/333305535828?s=3ylk40n7lo3oyl62j9wlvvhus69ocf0v>
     *   Sample Open Access titles are available to view: https://www.fulcrum.org/michigan
  *   Hosted on the Fulcrum platform<https://www.fulcrum.org/>
     *   Supports innovative, digital scholarship that includes integration of images, audio, video, maps, and 3D models
  *   Irrevocable perpetual access and archival preservation rights
     *   Fulcrum Preservation Statement<https://www.fulcrum.org/preservation/>
  *   Dedication to meet the highest accessibility standards
     *   Fulcrum Accessibility Statement<https://www.fulcrum.org/accessibility/> (includes UMP EBC VPAT)

2021 Spring Featured Offer

More information about UMP EBC, including licensing and pricing, is located at http://bit.ly/LYRUMPEBC. Make note of the following limited-time special offer that can help your stewarded funds go a bit further:

  *   5% discount on 2021 Frontlist Collection (including complementary term access to backlist) with commitment to purchase made by June 30, 2021
  *   5% discount on any Backlist Collection (2012 - 2020) with commitment to purchase made by June 30, 2021
  *   5% All Books Discount on combined purchase of 2021 Frontlist and Complete Backlist (2012 - 2020) with commitment to purchase made by June 30, 2021
Please contact LYRASIS Member Support<mailto:membersupport at lyrasis.org?subject=2015%20Spring%20Year-End%20New%20&%20Special%20Offers%20Question> or your Member Representative<https://www.lyrasis.org/about/Pages/Member-Outreach-Team.aspx> to request a quote.

Thank you,

Sharla Lair
LYRASIS Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives Team<https://www.lyrasis.org/about/Pages/content-and-scholarly-communication.aspx>


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