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HeinOnline New Offer Available<https://www.lyrasis.org/content/Pages/product-details.aspx?pid=57b23cc6-3e62-eb11-80ef-00155d0a2721>
We are pleased to share the news that we have negotiated a new offer for HeinOnline Academic in our LYRASIS portfolio. Your library may have had a chance to explore and use this product in 2020 when HeinOnline opened up long-term free trial access shortly after the pandemic began. HeinOnline Academic includes a large collection of historical and government documents, legal journals, and US federal government legal materials.

  *   Subscribe to HeinOnline Academic<https://home.heinonline.org/academic/> now as a LYRASIS member at 45% off for the first year and lock in the ongoing annual LYRASIS-negotiated discount at 10% off list price for the second and subsequent years
  *   Discounting also available for other HeinOnline Databases<https://home.heinonline.org/content/databases/>
  *   For new subscribers only
  *   Please note that HeinOnline's Social Justice Suite<https://home.heinonline.org/content/civil-rights-and-social-justice/> is 100% free of charge to any institution. The Social Justice Suite includes free MARC records<https://home.heinonline.org/free-cassidy-cataloguing-marc-records/> from Cassidy Cataloguing and includes the following three, free databases:
     *   Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture and Law<https://home.heinonline.org/content/Slavery-in-America-and-the-World-History-Culture--Law/>
     *   Gun Regulation and Legislation in America<https://home.heinonline.org/content/Gun-Regulation-and-Legislation-in-America/>
     *   Civil Rights and Social Justice<https://home.heinonline.org/content/civil-rights-and-social-justice/>

For a quote or more information, please contact Jill Grogg at jill.grogg at lyrasis.org<mailto:jill.grogg at lyrasis.org>.

You can find a complete list of all offers on the New & Special Offers page<https://www.lyrasis.org/content/Pages/New-and-Special-Offers.aspx>.

Thank you,

Jill Grogg
LYRASIS Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives<https://www.lyrasis.org/about/Pages/Licensing-and-Partnerships-Team.aspx>


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