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Greetings all,

After initial expression of interest from this community pre-pandemic (which seems like ages ago), LYRASIS is now preparing to establish a national DataCite<https://datacite.org/mission.html> Community, which would allow non-profit organizations in the US to create DOIs* (digital object identifiers) for research data, scholarly works, and digital assets created and hosted locally for a reduced fee as part of DataCite's consortium member model.

We are checking in with you now to see if there is still interest in such a program. If so, we would anticipate the program to begin in January 2021. We are anticipating an annual per-institution fee of $1,600 plus a DOI fee depending on the number of DOIs created at each institution:

Annual DOI Fees:

  *   1-1,999 DOIs created = $.95 per DOI
  *   2,000-10,000 DOIs created = $1,900 flat rate
  *   Any organizations creating more than 10,000 DOIs per year would need to operate as a direct member with DataCite.

The more institutions participating and the more DOIs created, the more everyone can potentially save due to DataCite's consortium fee caps. This program would provide a savings of approximately 40% per participating institution compared to what any single organization might pay for becoming a direct member with DataCite.

If your organization would be interested in joining our DataCite program, please complete this brief form<https://forms.gle/sKNNN44KpvtHuBwc8> by Sept. 25 to let us know. If DOIs do not fall within your work area, please forward this message to others at your institution who work with digital assets, repositories, publishing, etc.

Many thanks, on behalf of the LYRASIS Content & Scholarly Communication team!

*DOIs are unique, persistent identifiers that can be created by institutions through a DOI registration service (such as DataCite) and assigned to digital works in order to make them easier to find on the web in a reliable manner over time. DOIs are commonly assigned to objects such as digital journal articles, white papers, OERs (open educational resources), slide decks, posters, or other works on the web. For example, the DOI for the document "Recommendations for Supporting ORCID in Repositories" is https://doi.org/10.23640/07243.7777274.

Sheila Rabun, MA, MLIS [cid:image001.gif at 01D685BA.112F92B0]  https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1196-6279
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