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Hello all,

In case you missed it, we wanted to let you know that LYRASIS has a new listserv called LYROpen. LYROpen serves the purpose of showcasing LYRASIS initiatives surrounding all things Open - open access content initiatives, open infrastructure services, open source software, LYRASIS' own open access publications, etc. We will be sharing news and updates about the open programs we support and/or administer, the open activities we are performing as an organization, as well as articles and resources we believe illuminate the open landscape. This is an opt-in, entirely voluntary listserv - participants can choose to leave the listserv at any time.

Those interested in signing up can register at http://lyralists.lyrasis.org/mailman/listinfo/lyropen.

Our first post for LYROpen announced the following upcoming webinar:

LYRASIS Trending Topics - Understanding Open Access and Free Content during a Pandemic<https://www.lyrasis.org/Content/Pages/Event-Details.aspx?Eid=680F90C7-D3EE-EA11-80EB-00155DE5EC03>
Time: 11:00 a.m. Eastern
Date: Friday, November 13th, 2020
Cost: FREE for members/$25.00 for non-members
               Register for the webinar.<https://www.lyrasis.org/Content/Pages/Event-Details.aspx?Eid=680F90C7-D3EE-EA11-80EB-00155DE5EC03>


One of the biggest questions surrounding Open Access (OA) and other freely available resources is the question of usage: how does usage of open content increase over time? Does unfettered access to materials change not only the usage numbers, but also the types of users and usage locations? The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new variable into the equation, and open content publishers and aggregators have seen significant enough changes in usage to identify pandemic-related trends. This panel will focus on exactly how usage has recently changed, and the implications of increased usage for the future of OA and other freely available content. Panelists include Catherine Anderson, Head of the worldwide sales team at Knowledge Unlatched, Richard Gallagher, President and Editor-in-Chief at Annual Reviews, and Jo Lambert, Service Manager at Jisc.

Thank you,

Hannah Rosen
LYRASIS Content & Scholarly Communication Initiatives<https://www.lyrasis.org/about/Pages/Licensing-and-Partnerships-Team.aspx>


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