[MDL] EBSCO Renewals Update

Maryland Digital Library mdl at lyrasis.org
Thu Apr 25 13:55:55 EDT 2019

Dear MDL Members,

I am writing with an update regarding the upcoming renewals for EBSCO products.

A new multi-year pricing agreement is currently being negotiated for MDL EBSCO subscribers with the goal of lower annual increases.

Since the negotiation is still underway, there will be a delay in providing renewal pricing by the planned date of April 30th per the renewal calendar.

The MDL Management Group will be reviewing the most recent proposal early next week.

I will continue to update the group with when you can expect your renewal pricing.

If there is something that you need in the meantime, please let me know how I can be of assistance.

Kind regards,

Jennifer McGovern
Group Services Representative
Jennifer.mcgovern at lyrasis.org<mailto:Jennifer.mcgovern at lyrasis.org>
800.999.8558 x2907
jennifer.mcgovern90 Skype

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