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New ORCID Inter-Consortial Partnership

  *   LYRASIS has formed a unique inter-consortial partnership with the NorthEast Research Libraries<http://www.nerl.org/> (NERL), the Greater Western Library Alliance<http://www.gwla.org/> (GWLA), and the Big Ten Academic Alliance<https://www.btaa.org/> to create a United States community to support ORCID<https://orcid.org/> (Open Researcher and Contributer iD). ORCID is a non-profit organization that provides a unique persistent digital identifier for individual scholarly researchers.

  *   Participating libraries will fund a position at LYRASIS to support the adoption and full implementation of ORCID services at their institutions, and all US institutions are welcome to join the program.

  *   This partnership emerged from a broader, shared vision of national-scale collaboration for US institutions to provide more robust support for the adoption of open scholarly infrastructure. Robert Miller, CEO of LYRASIS, notes, "We're thrilled to be collaborating with like-minded organizations to support open technologies for the US scholarly research community."

  *   Stay tuned for more information about the dedicated staff position, and visit here<http://lyrasisnow.org/press-release-orcid-partnership/> for the full press release about this exciting new partnership.

ORCID Institutional Membership:  How to Join

  *   Any US library can join at any time for an annual fee of $4,300, and subscriptions can be pro-rated.

  *   While registration for individual researchers is free, there are benefits to an institutional membership. Member benefits to an academic institution include:
     *   An institutional membership facilitates researchers obtaining and using their ORCID iD. This is especially important as more publishers and funders are requiring the use of ORCID iDs when submitting manuscripts or funding requests.
     *   During the individual ORCID registration process, a researcher is able to designate an affiliation to the member organization as their employer and to grant the institution permission to read, write to, and extract metadata from the researchers record via ORCID's API.
     *   Integration with ORCID's API then allows an institution automatically update institutional repository/CRIS/HR system with works from associated researchers ORCID records.
     *   More information on member benefits, including details on ORCID's Connect and Collect program are available here<http://members.orcid.org/research-organizations>.

  *   If you would like more information about ORCID institutional membership, please visit here<https://www.lyrasis.org/content/Pages/product-details.aspx?pid=F4E62587-B37A-E611-9406-00155D0A8D15> or contact Jill Grogg at jill.grogg at lyrasis.org<mailto:jill.grogg at lyrasis.org>.

Thank you,

LYRASIS Licensing and Strategic Partnerships Team
Celeste Feather
Sharla Lair
Jill Grogg
Hannah Rosen

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             Applications are now open for the 2018 Catalyst Fund<https://www.lyrasis.org/Leadership/Pages/Catalyst-Fund.aspx>

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