[MDL] Renewals Update for July 1st

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Mon Apr 16 09:03:21 EDT 2018


I hope that you are having a good Spring semester.

Please note that you will begin to receive renewal quotes this week via email. The email will provide a link to My LYRASIS where you can manage the renewal quote. Unless otherwise specified, the renewals will be processed in the system on July 1st. The subscriber can select a deposit account for billing or elect to receive an invoice for payment.

Upcoming Dates

April 23, 2018                   LYRASIS will provide confirmed renewal pricing for subscriptions that begin on July 1, 2018 in My LYRASIS
May 14, 2018                    Last day for Libraries to authorize renewals in My LYRASIS
May 28, 2018                    LYRASIS issues MDL annual invoices for FY2018-19 subscriptions including January 2019 estimates
July 1, 2018                       Online access to new and renewal resources will be active
July 31, 2018                     MDL FY2018-19 invoice payments due

I am happy to assist with questions and requests.

If you are working in My LYRASIS and would like help, I am available via phone or email.

Kind regards,

Jennifer McGovern
Group Services Representative
Jennifer.mcgovern at lyrasis.org
800.999.8558 x2907
jennifer.mcgovern90 Skype

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