[MDL] MDL FY2014/15 Renewal Schedule

Beth Scheinfeld Beth.Scheinfeld at lyrasis.org
Wed Feb 5 10:47:58 EST 2014

Hello Everyone -

A schedule for the FY2014/15 renewal season is below.  We are using SharePoint again to start with until development of similar functionality in MyLYRASIS is complete.  The system should be ready for you to make final renewal decisions in MyLYRASIS in May.  I will keep you posted and provide instruction as needed.

FEB 4 - LYRASIS posts list of currently-subscribed content on SharePoint.
FEB 14 - MDL confirm intent to renew currently-subscribed content.  Instructions for using SharePoint are attached.
APR 23 - LYRASIS posts final list of currently-subscribed content with renewal prices to SharePoint, including overhead (vendor permitting).
MAY 15 - MDL participants' authorize renewals in MyLYRASIS.
MAY 26 - LYRASIS issues invoices for FY2014-15 subscriptions including January estimates.
JULY 1 (or subscription start date) - Online access to new and renewal resources is active.
JUL 31 - MDL FY2014-15 invoice payments due including January estimates.

New offer information will be available over the next several weeks about products featured at the November MDL Vendor Day at UMBC Tech Center.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the proposed timeline.


Beth Scheinfeld
LYRASIS Group Services Specialist
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678.235.2903 Direct

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