[MDL] MDL FY14 renewals - Product lists & Feb.8 deadline

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Hello -

The complete MDL product list is attached for your reference.  Please ask about availability if you are interested in a product that does not appear on the list.  The February 8 deadline is primarily for your intent to renew currently subscribed products.  New quotes for most listed products can be requested at any time during the year for a July 1 or later subscription start.

MDL participants that are also LYRASIS members have access to a larger portfolio of products and services - talk to me or to Eric Zino (eric.zino at lyrasis.org<mailto:eric.zino at lyrasis.org> or 215-528-9007) if you would like information about joining LYRASIS.


Beth Scheinfeld
800.999.8558 x2903
beth.scheinfeld at lyrasis.org<mailto:beth.scheinfeld at lyrasis.org>

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Hello All -

MDL renewal lists have been updated on SharePoint with your subscription lists for FY 2013/14.  Please review and confirm your expressions of interest by 2/8.

All subscriptions have been set as "Renew" and your list needs to be edited for only those that you do not plan to renew.  This is not a renewal commitment - we'll ask for that later this spring - but your answers now are important for LYRASIS to obtain pricing from the vendors.  Pricing will be added to the lists over the next several weeks and your final decisions are due in May.  The renewal schedule is below and instructions for using SharePoint are attached.


*         LYRASIS provides list of currently-subscribed content - Available now in your SharePoint renewal list<http://extra.lyrasis.org/sites/groups/mdl_usmai/default.aspx>. (Copy and paste if the link doesn't work: http://extra.lyrasis.org/sites/groups/mdl_usmai/default.aspx)

*         MDL participants provide expressions of intent with regard to currently-subscribed content - By February 8

*         LYRASIS provides MDL participants with final list of currently-subscribed content with renewal prices, including overhead - By April 23

*         MDL participants authorize renewals - By May 8

*         LYRASIS provides invoices to MDL participants for authorized renewals - By May 24

*         Online access to databases/resources is available - By July 1 (or first day of subscribed term)

What about Potential Adds & New Quote Requests?  Send new subscription requests to me by email. Please do not attempt to add rows to the renewal list.  Potential new MDL group offers will be handled separately based on feedback from the 1/9 MDL vendor event at the UMBC Tech Center.  More information including the session recording and next steps will follow.

Please contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.


Beth Scheinfeld
LYRASIS Group Services
800.999.8558 x2903

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