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Hello Everyone -

If you've visited SharePoint recently you know that MDL renewal lists are being populated with pricing for 2013-14.  We are on schedule to have most, if not all pricing on SharePoint by April 23.  The following are a few important points about the EBSCO pricing on SharePoint so far.

1.       EBSCO CORE PACKAGES - The three year agreement between the MDL and EBSCO for Academic Search Premier (ASP) and Business Source Premier (BSP) ends 6/30/13 and the new three year agreement starts 7/1/13 including a 0% increase in 2013, 1% in 2014 and 2% in 2015.  Pricing is available on SharePoint now for all institutions.

*         IMPORTANT: Current subscribers are not required to renew, but please be aware that additional discounts for certain EBSCO products that are tied to your core subscriptions may be lost if you decide to drop one or both core package.

*         Institutions that renew or order new for July 1 are expected to subscribe for the entire 3-year term ending 6/30/16.

2.       CORE PACKAGE UPGRADE OFFER - Upgrade pricing for all MDL institutions is on SharePoint for Academic Search Complete (ASC) and Business Source Complete (BSC).  The quoted price is in addition to the cost of the core package alone (i.e. ASP and BSP are required for ASC and BSC.)

3.       OPTIONAL EBSCO PRODUCT OFFERS - The MDL content working group has arranged for three new products to be added to the MDL portfolio.  Pricing below is on your SharePoint lists for your consideration.  See attached for product descriptions.

a.       History Reference Center:  $500

b.      Science Reference Center:  $500

c.       Auto Repair Reference Center:  $1,995

4.       EBSCO eBook Academic Subscription Collection - pricing for 2 year and 4 year schools is posted in "Announcements" on SharePoint at this link http://extra.lyrasis.org/sites/groups/mdl_usmai/default.aspx and with your login.  Pricing is discounted 5%-20% depending on the number of subscribers. Click here for the title list.<http://www.ebscohost.com/ebooks/ebooks-subscription-listings>

5.       LYRASIS FEES - LYRASIS admin fees are now listed separately from subscription costs on SharePoint, where applicable.


*         April 23: LYRASIS posts final list of currently-subscribed content with renewal prices to SharePoint, including overhead (vendor permitting).

*         April 29-May 7: LYRASIS training for MDL participants for using SharePoint (or MyLYRASIS, if available) to authorize renewals - schedule tbd.

*         May 15: MDL participants' final authorization of renewals in SharePoint (or MyLYRASIS, if available).

*         May 24: LYRASIS issues invoices for FY2013-14 subscriptions including January estimates.

*         July 1 (or subscription start date): Online access to new and renewal resources is available.

*         July 31: MDL FY2013-14 invoice payments due including January estimates.

As always, please contact me with questions or concerns.


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678.235.2903 Direct

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