[MDL] MDL renewal lists ready for review -- Reply requested by May 31

Beth Scheinfeld Beth.Scheinfeld at lyrasis.org
Wed May 16 11:15:39 EDT 2012

Hello All -

By now each MDL/USMAI institution should have received a message from me with instructions for editing your renewal lists on SharePoint.  We are waiting for renewal pricing for less than a handful of items (most notably EBSCO Mental Measurements Yearbook and AccuWeather AP Images) - pricing will be added to your list as soon as we hear from the vendors.  NOTE:  All pricing provided is the final amount due and includes the LYRASIS 2% admin fee for applicable resources.

We need you to provide certain key pieces of information in these columns on your renewal lists:

1.       USER: Action: Replace the question mark (?) with Renew/Drop (for renewals) or Add/No interest (for new quotes).  Do this for each resource.

2.       USER: Comments: When your review is complete, make a note in this column: "My renewal list is complete."  You don't need to do this for each resource - simply note this one time at or near the top row.

3.       USER: Authorized by: When you have completed your review, note your name or the name of the authorizing person (only needed once at or near the top row).

4.       USER: Date Authorized:  Same as #2 & #3 above - note the date authorized when you are ready to submit your list (only needed once at or near the top row).

More detailed instructions and screen shots for editing the SharePoint renewal list are attached.


1.       MDL members' final confirmation and authorization of renewal and new orders (by May 31 if possible).

2.       LYRASIS will send final prices to libraries via annual invoices based on 5/31 confirmation data (June 15).

3.       MDL deposit (61) accounts will be charged for July renewals (August 15).

As a reminder, to access your renewal list, go to http://extra.lyrasis.org/sites/groups/mdl_usmai/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx and login with your assigned SharePoint ID and password.  Contact me if you need a reminder of the login details.

I'm here to help.  Let me know what you need.


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