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Hi All,

Apologies if this announcement has crossed your desk already, but I wanted to be certain that everyone is aware of the next Knowledge Unlatched open access collection in 2017 that includes another ebook collection, a new journals collection, and a new separate ebook collection from Language Science Press. Around half of the ebooks in this collection are published by university presses.

Key to note is the upcoming webinar on June 14 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern to learn more. Register at this link.<http://www.knowledgeunlatched.org/register-for-north-america-webinar/>

I'll be glad to answer any questions.



Celeste Feather
Senior Director of Licensing and Strategic Partnerships
celeste.feather at lyrasis.org
800.999.8558 x2954 (toll-free)
678-235-2954 (direct)
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Knowledge Unlatched<http://www.knowledgeunlatched.org/> (KU) has launched its fourth collection with the release of KU Select 2017<http://www.knowledgeunlatched.org/ku-select-2017/>. The pledging period runs through November 30, 2017. Libraries may pledge for:

*         KU 2017 Books

*         KU 2017 Journals

*         Language Science Press eBook Collection

A webinar will be held especially for North American libraries on June 14, 2017, from 1-2 p.m. Eastern. Register here<http://www.knowledgeunlatched.org/register-for-north-america-webinar/>; a recording will be available after the webinar for those unable to attend.

KU Select 2017 includes both books and journals:

*         60 well-respected scholarly publishers participating on 5 continents including university presses, commercial publishers and Open Access publishers

*         Curated by the KU Title Selection Committee consisting of 40 librarians in 12 countries

*         17 subject areas in the Humanities and Social Sciences

*         Creative Commons licenses - hosted by OAPEN and HathiTrust, also preserved by CLOCKSS and Portico

*         Title lists<http://knowledgeunlatched.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/KU_Select_2017_Titles_In_Pledging.xlsx> available for book and journal collections

*         Usage statistics based on IP and geolocation data

KU Select 2017 Books:

o   343 books available: 151 front list (November 2017-April 2018) and 192 backlist (2006-2016)

o   The pledging options include either the full KU Select 2017 package (front & backlist), with a minimum pledge of 90% of the price, or only the front list, with a minimum pledge of 90% of the price

o   Differential pricing based on Carnegie Classification is available for United States institutions<http://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/productdetails.aspx?pid=82858fca-1a2d-e311-b173-18a9053f8a60> and CRKN bands for Canadian institutions<http://support.knowledgeunlatched.org/ku-select-faq/ku-select-2017/how-does-the-differential-pricing-work-for-institutions-in-canada>

KU Select 2017 Journals (NEW in 2017):

o   21 journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences, to be published Open Access for three years beginning 2018

o   The price for unlatching the 21 journals is $2,333/year for all supporting libraries

o   Supporting pledges requested for 3 years, payable at one time or in 3 annual installments

KU has also partnered with the notable linguistics scholar-directed Language Science Press<http://www.knowledgeunlatched.org/language-science-press/> to offer:

*         30 peer-reviewed Open Access ebooks over three years, beginning 2018

*         The price for supporting the Language Science Press ebook collection is $1060/year for all libraries

*         Supporting pledges requested for 3 years, payable at one time or in 3 annual installments

Interested libraries may register<app.knowledgeunlatched.org> for a non-binding account at KU to receive notifications about the collections, chat with KU staff, view the metadata, and pledge.

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