[Lyrarl] 2015 Project MUSE/UPCC eBook Collections Offer

Susan Mavor ssmavor at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Feb 17 17:32:39 EST 2015

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You've hit upon the largest remaining issue that confronts us in our ongoing work with the university press aggregators. We've reached agreement to ARL license terms and have negotiated pricing to the maximum extent using the leverage of the ARL library community.

The next key question that needs to be addressed is how libraries can make certain that they get all of the titles from a university press that they want, and avoid the purchase of multiple copies (print or online) unless they are needed. When the presses are not able to put their entire title output on a single site, tracking the availability of titles from multiple locations becomes a challenge for research libraries.

Our three ARL Licensing Initiative aggregators have been discussing this matter with us for the past 3 years. There are multiple ways of addressing the issue, and a variety of options are being actively explored among them.

With respect to Project MUSE and YBP, as you mention below, I am aware that very recently YBP has proposed a fee-based structure as an added cost to the content fee for the MUSE collections so that they can provide title level tracking services via GOBI. It is my understanding that YBP requires the order to be placed directly with them for these services to be available.

The ARL/LYRASIS licenses that we have signed with the university press aggregators obligate LYRASIS to perform certain duties. The licenses therefore can only cover the orders that are placed through LYRASIS. If you place an order with YBP, you will need to make alternative arrangements regarding the license. I will also note that as the ARL agent, LYRASIS will not be able to retrieve usage data from Project MUSE for your institution for collections purchased through other channels.

Per the terms of the ARL license agreements, the pricing for these offers is not confidential.  The 2015 MUSE pricing is available at http://bit.ly/2015MUSEARLPricing. This pricing sets forth the content fee that LYRASIS sends to Project MUSE, and also a transparent administrative fee that covers the work LYRASIS performs on behalf of ARL to negotiate and administer the offers. If an institution were to acquire this content directly from Project MUSE, the cost would be higher than the sum of the content fees in this pricing schedule and the LYRASIS administrative fee.

Discussion on or off list is welcome, as always.


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Subject: [Lyrarl] 2015 Project MUSE/UPCC eBook Collections Offer


  After haranguing our vendor YBP and Project MUSE for years, it seems as if they have settled their differences and it will now be possible to purchase entire MUSE  collections through YBP.  I have told YBP I am willing to pay a "reasonable" premium for their value-added services, but before they can give me a quote, they have asked to know what we would pay for the MUSE collections through Lyrasis.  I have not responded to them and of course would only share the pricing with your permission.

  If this is confidential, then I am thinking of sharing what we paid last year.  I think as a public institution this information is not confidential; my (retired/re-employed) colleague Tim Jewell could confirm this for me.

  Relative to our plans for MUSE, we are still hoping to purchase the entire 2015 collection, though I am looking at our usage stats to target which collections have been the most used by us should our FY2016 budget projections turn gloomy.  I have the March 31st deadline firmly in mind.

  Thanks for getting back to me on this, Celeste.  Hope you are doing well!


Linda Teresa Di Biase
Collection Development Librarian
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900
T: (206) 543-9784  F: (206) 616-2380
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To: LYRASIS ARL Collection Development Contacts
Subject: [Uwlib-eresources] [Lyrarl] 2015 Project MUSE/UPCC eBook Collections Offer

For the 4th year, I am pleased to announce a special ARL Licensing Initiative Offer from Project MUSE for the UPCC eBook Collections. Details are in the attached memo and pricing spreadsheet.

The Project MUSE/UPCC collections have gained a sizeable footprint in the marketplace now. I was glad for the opportunity to participate in two panels at the recent Charleston Conference with librarians that are delving deeply into their use of these collections. Harvard, Emory, and Yale presented their findings to date on the usage of MUSE titles in print and electronic formats. UNC-Charlotte presented an interesting case study of their successful outreach to faculty to select DRM-free MUSE titles as course adoption titles this fall.

This year for the first time we have been able to negotiate special offers for smaller libraries in the MUSE pricing tiers. I am glad to see more opportunities extended to other libraries, as that is one of the goals of the ARL Licensing Initiative.

In addition to the annual special offers for the entire MUSE ALL BOOKS collection and the annual "top-off" collection for the libraries that have already purchased ALL BOOKS, there are other Special Offers that extend through March 31, 2015. They include:

*         Early Purchase Offer on 2015 Collections for Libraries That Purchased Collections in 2014: 20% discount on 2015 Complete, or 15% discount on any 2015 Subject or Area Studies

*         2013-2015 Complete Bundle:  20% off the purchase of all 9,067 titles from 2013-2015

*         2013-2015 Subject or Area Studies Bundle: 15% off the bundled purchase of Subject or Area Studies collections from 2013-2015

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will be glad to work with you if you are interested in placing orders for the MUSE/UPCC collections in 2015.


Celeste Feather
Senior Licensing Program Account Manager
celeste.feather at lyrasis.org<mailto:celeste.feather at lyrasis.org>
800-999-8558 ext. 2954 (Toll-free)
678-235-2954 (Direct)
celeste.feather (Skype)

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