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Celeste Feather celeste.feather at lyrasis.org
Tue Jun 11 13:44:24 EDT 2013

We have made significant progress during 2012-2013 in negotiating the usage rights and business terms for university press ebook content that meet the license specifications established by the ARL Licensing Initiative. We have had successful negotiations with Project MUSE, Oxford University Press, and De Gruyter, and we expect those offers to continue in 2014. Throughout this time we have been in intermittent conversation with JSTOR representatives regarding a potential ebook offer that meets ARL's license requirements, but so far we have not arrived at a satisfactory conclusion in our talks.
 We have identified 4 major issues with license terms that cover the university press ebook content at JSTOR to date.

1.       No ILL rights for JSTOR ebook content

2.       No option for loading content on local or third-party servers

3.       No provision for content file delivery if a library ceases to have an ongoing relationship with JSTOR

4.       No indemnification of the libraries by JSTOR or the participating presses
We will continue our endeavors to negotiate a license for JSTOR ebook content that meets ARL license requirements, and will keep you informed of any progress that we make as we focus on 2014.

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