[Lyrarl] Usage report of 2012 MUSE ebook collections

Celeste Feather celeste.feather at lyrasis.org
Wed Jul 31 15:30:12 EDT 2013

I am pleased to share with you a report that discusses the usage of the Project MUSE ebooks collections purchased in 2012 under the terms of the ARL/LYRASIS group license. The report is available here:

2012 Project MUSE eBook Collection Usage Report<http://bit.ly/16EWTiy>

The number of libraries that have purchased collections under this license continues to grow, and I look forward to analyzing the usage data next year that results from the purchases made in both 2012 and 2013. We can learn a great deal from this activity that will benefit the ARL community and other libraries that are participating in the Project MUSE ebook offer through the ARL Licensing Initiative.

Comments and thoughts are most welcome.


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