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Laurie Arp laurie.arp at lyrasis.org
Mon Mar 27 13:57:24 EDT 2023

Thanks so much all of you for the kind words!

Additional feedback is always welcome as you have it in the future.

This initial preview notice is part of our “soft launch”.  We will be doing a larger, more official launch of the new website and toolkit later. In that messaging we will make sure to thank all those in the community who gave so generously of their time and feedback.  It really does take a village.

Best wishes,

Laurie Gemmill Arp
Director, DuraSpace Community Supported Programs
laurie.arp at lyrasis.org<mailto:laurie.arp at lyrasis.org>

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Congratulations, the website is beautiful, easy to traverse, functional, and informative. I did not try every link but had fun exploring.
Best -

Robin Ruggaber
Director of Strategic Technology Partnerships & Initiatives
University of Virginia

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We want to give It Takes a Village (ITAV) listserv subscribers a preview of the new ITAV website with the full Open-Source Sustainability toolkit<https://itav.lyrasis.org/toolkit/>.

The ITAV in Practice Toolkit<https://itav.lyrasis.org/toolkit/> is an adaptable set of tools that enables all stakeholders in an OSS program to participate in an assessment of each facet of sustainability, develop balanced strategies to advance sustainability goals, and integrate sustainability plans into other organizational planning efforts. 

The website is available at: https://itav.lyrasis.org/.

As always, we appreciate feedback on the website<https://itav.lyrasis.org/toolkit/> and toolkit<https://itav.lyrasis.org/toolkit/> activities.   If you see issues or have feedback on any activities or have suggestions on how to improve any of them, please let me know by March 24th at laurie.arp at lyrasis.org<mailto:laurie.arp at lyrasis.org>.

Best wishes,

Laurie Gemmill Arp

Director, DuraSpace Community Supported Programs

laurie.arp at lyrasis.org<mailto:laurie.arp at lyrasis.org>

800.999.8558 x 2908

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