[Archivesspace_Users_Group] [EXT] Re: PUI & SUI custom tree display?

Rebekah Johnston rj372 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Sep 12 05:35:17 EDT 2023

Hi all,

A plug-in for this was developed by University of Denver and University of Cambridge. You can find Cambridge's version of the plug-in here: https://gitlab.developers.cam.ac.uk/lib/dev/ams/tree_component_id/-/tree/master
Here's what it looks like on our PUI: https://archivesearch.lib.cam.ac.uk/repositories/2/archival_objects/97474

As Dan said, this has now been incorporated into v3.4.0 so if you're up to date with releases you won't need to use it.

Best wishes,


Rebekah Johnston (She/her)
Assistant Archivist (Archive Management System and Science Collections)

Cambridge University Library
West Road,

01223 339726

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