[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Import via spreadsheet issue

Robert T. Wilson rtwilson at cornell.edu
Mon May 22 10:25:08 EDT 2023

Hi all,

A staff member reported an issue working with a large resource record not being seen with less complex records in our 3.3.1. instance of ASpace, and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice.

They are trying to add to a sub-subseries through import via spreadsheet. Spreadsheet looks good and validation goes through fine. However, when trying the file, the first two aos will get created, but the remainder fail with:

Row 8:  ERROR Problem with initial save -- Java::JavaSql::SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Duplicate entry '973105 at archival_object-4000' for key 'uniq_ao_pos'
Row 9:  ERROR No Archival Object created

Trying to use 973105 as ID for the rest of the entries in this specific example.

This isn't happening for other resources. This is a pretty large record and lots of nesting, and I'm wondering if that's has something to do with it, or if something in the spreadsheet is off due to the structure of the resource record. Prior imports using spreadsheet plugin for this record when we were on 2.5 worked fine according to staff.

Has anyone seen this or have any ideas on why it's not generating new IDs for subsequent objects?


Robert T. Wilson (he/him)
Cloud Systems Administrator
Cornell University Library
rtwilson at cornell.edu
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