[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Duplicating resource record

John F. Anderies janderies at waygay.org
Fri May 12 13:07:51 EDT 2023

I'd like to get some advice about how best to duplicate an existing
resource record. I have a public resource record which will need a lot of
editing of container information and it will take me some time to do so.
I'd like to leave the current resource record in place to be available to
researchers, and have another copy to edit that I would later publish,
while deleting or suppressing the original. Does this seem doable and if
so, how best do I accomplish this?

- There doesn't seem to be any sort of spawn action associated with
resource records, so cloning the record within ASpace doesn't seem to be an
- I thought I might export the resource record as EAD, then slightly change
and import as a second copy of the resource record [but I'm getting error
messages when trying to re-import*]
- I wonder if there's a way to export the data to populate a copy of the
bulk import template
- other ideas?

*the errors seem to be associated with the required fields for Language
(lang_materials) and Script (finding_aid_script), which were not required
when this resource was created. I've now added values for those before
exporting as EAD, but the subsequent re-import says they are missing.


John Anderies (he/him), Director
John J. Wilcox. Jr. Archives and Library
William Way LGBT Community Center
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