[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Error trying to load via spredsheet

Robert T. Wilson rtwilson at cornell.edu
Wed May 10 09:58:07 EDT 2023

Hi folks,

We've just moved to 3.3.1, and I am seeing an odd issue when users try to load via spreadsheet. We can select our file, but when we click "import selected" we get the generic "something went wrong" 500 page.

I've attached debug logs, but these were logs at warn level

F, [2023-05-09T17:59:29.110284 #23230] FATAL -- :
F, [2023-05-09T17:59:29.110478 #23230] FATAL -- : RuntimeError (Couldn't make an ID out of URI: ):
F, [2023-05-09T17:59:29.110534 #23230] FATAL -- :
F, [2023-05-09T17:59:29.110576 #23230] FATAL -- : app/controllers/jobs_controller.rb:51:in `create'
app/controllers/application_controller.rb:744:in `set_locale'
E, [2023-05-09T17:59:31.130959 #23230] ERROR -- : Thread-8720: Unhandled exception!
E, [2023-05-09T17:59:31.131241 #23230] ERROR -- :
invalid byte sequence in UTF-8

If a user is seeing this, I am easily able to reproduce. With the invalid byte sequence message, I assumed it was something in the spreadsheet (attached is associated with debug log), BUT the workaround I've found makes me think this is something else. The workaround: If I try creating another background job for resource in question like generate pdf then I try the load via spreadsheet again, the job queues and runs without issue or delay.

Has anyone seen something like this or have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for any assistance y'all can provide.


Robert T. Wilson (he/him)
Cloud Systems Administrator
Cornell University Library
rtwilson at cornell.edu
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