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Hey Scott,

>From my understanding, you are correct that besides a last modified timestamp, that's as deep as ASpace goes in tracking changes to data. We've had colleagues here express similar interest in wanting to track more detailed changes to records, such as when an archivist publishes a record or edits a note, but that functionality doesn't exist as far as I'm aware.

If your local practice is to track changes to records using events, then it's possible the user could access the "Get a list of Events for a Repository<https://archivesspace.github.io/archivesspace/api/?python#get-a-list-of-events-for-a-repository>" API endpoint (if they are a user in your ArchivesSpace instance) and filter the results based on records related to a specific resource. That requires your ArchivesSpace users to be using events in that way to work.

The only other methods that I can think of is possibly using something like the WayBack Machine<https://archive.org/web/> or a web scraper like BeautifulSoup<https://beautiful-soup-4.readthedocs.io/en/latest/> with Python to track changes to any public facing websites you have. WayBack would only be good for occasional captures and BeautifulSoup would need to scrape your public-facing website for any updates/newly published records. I did something like that in grad school, but it was with a blog website and not finding aids.

I hope this was helpful. Anyone here, please correct me if I'm wrong or forgetting anything.


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Hi there folks

We've had a user request to see if we can extract lists of records that have changed and what the change is (eg list of records that have changed from unpublished to publish- part of their work is working through an unpublished repository and tracking how much they're making available periodically). They'd like to be able to build something round the API for this.

I didn't think AS went down to that level- we'd see a last modified timestamp, but I didn't think there was anything deeper. Is that correct? I know "event" is accessible through the API, but I still couldn't see how that would get down to a specific data change.



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