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Yatsonsky, Nicole yatsonskyn at uncw.edu
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Thanks, Dan, I figured but thought I’d check in case I missed it. We basically treat accession top containers as temporary because they get deleted all together once the material is processed and  replaced with the new final top container in the resource record (or split out into whatever other existing containers), but I see what you mean. Something to think about.


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Hi Nicole,

It is not currently possible to do this via the staff interface.

In my experience, having both resources/archival objects and accessions linked to top containers is duplicative and causes problems down the road if you ever need to consolidate material that was in multiple containers (it's really hard to remember to update two different records for a single change).

Of course, every institution's workflow is different, so if this would be valuable for your work, you should definitely submit a JIRA ticket.

All the best,


On Wed, Mar 22, 2023 at 11:22 AM Yatsonsky, Nicole <yatsonskyn at uncw.edu<mailto:yatsonskyn at uncw.edu>> wrote:
Hi y’all—apologies if this is duplicated, but I checked the list and help center/JIRA tickets and didn’t find anything.

I could be completely missing the obvious, but is there a way to link more than one top container at a time to a resource record or archival object etc. when adding top containers that already exist?

For example, when creating accession records, we add the top containers of the accession there, and then link those top containers to the associated resource record so we have a complete count of the number of boxes actually part of that collection, but in doing so, I have to individually add and browse for each instance one at a time. The browse function also of course resets itself between instances, so I have to X out the collection name and then search again for the accession record, and then finally select the next top container.

I know this can be done via the spreadsheet and the top container IDs, but that seems like extra work for times there aren’t that many, and I know technically each instance is independent of the next, but it seems like just clicking through the top containers you want in one shot would be more efficient.

Does anyone have a solution or found a work around? Thank you!

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