[Archivesspace_Users_Group] & vs. &ammp;

Khuong Vu kvu at csusm.edu
Tue Jun 13 19:46:32 EDT 2023

Hi ArchivesSpace Users Group,

Should I report the following as a bug?

  *   Some applications, such as ArchivesSpace, will accept HTML tags in its text field. But, if you misspell "&", it will not render the data. In ArchivesSpace's case, it just says "something went wrong" on the user interface, a web page.
  *   Because it does not show as an error in the log file, this seemingly small error, which MS Edge, Chrome, and Firefox tolerate, becomes a hard to catch error.


Khuong Vu (Analyst Programmer, [he|him|his])
University Library, California State University San Marcos

San Marcos, California, is on the traditional territory and homelands of the Luiseño/Payómkawichum people:

  *   Luiseño (Loo-sin-yo)
  *   Payómkawichum (Pie-yom-ko-wi-shum)
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