[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Get Archival Objects for a Top Container Using the API

Corey Schmidt Corey.Schmidt at uga.edu
Mon Jan 9 11:25:47 EST 2023

Dear all,

How would I go about getting all of the associated archival objects for a top container using the API? Would doing something like the following capture all archival objects:

search_aos = client.get_paged(f'repositories/4/search', params={'q': f'{topcontainer_barcode}', 'type': ['archival_object']})
ao_results = [result for result in search_aos]

The above works (returns 27 archival objects, exactly what is shown in ASpace), but I am concerned this won't get everything or potentially get unassociated archival objects. I tried a different query, one based on how the staff interface displays linked records in a top container view, but this kind of query returns all archival objects for a repository, not the ones connected to the top container:

search_aos = client.get_paged(f'repositories/4/search', params={'filter_term[]': f'top_container_uri_u_sstr: {topccontainer_uri}', 'type': ['archival_object']})

Any help/advice is appreciated!



Corey Schmidt
Special Collections Libraries | Project Management Librarian/Archivist

Corey.Schmidt at uga.edu<mailto:Corey.Schmidt at uga.edu>

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