[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Updated from v3.3.1 to v3.4.0, LDAP syntax problems...

Gadsby, Eric T. egadsby at towson.edu
Thu Aug 3 14:29:12 EDT 2023

Dear Friends,

I hope everybody is doing well. Today I updated to v3.4.0 from v3.3.1. Everything went well with the exception of our LDAP authentication. Aspace seems to be tripping over our LDAP configuration syntax when starting up and stopping. From the log:

"SyntaxError: /opt/archivesspace/config/config.rb:251: syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER
                                         :bind_password => ‘REDACTED’,"

Given all of the changes to the config file I decided to paste our LDAP info from the old config in what I though was the right place. This is what that part of our config file looks like:

"#AppConfig[:staff_username] = "staff_system"
AppConfig[:authentication_sources] = [{

                                         :model => 'LDAPAuth',
                                         :hostname => 'ldap.towson.edu',
                                         :port => 389,
                                         :base_dn => 'dc=towson,dc=edu',
                                         :username_attribute => 'sAMAccountName',
                                         :attribute_map => {:cn => :name},
                                         :bind_dn => 'CN=srv-aspace-ldap\, srv-aspace-ldap s. (Archivespace (Library)),OU=Guests,OU=User Accounts$
                                         :bind_password => 'REDACTED',

## When 'true' restrict authentication attempts to only the source already set for the user
#AppConfig[:authentication_restricted_by_source] = false # default: allow any source"

This LDAP configuration was provided to us by our enterprise identity management group and has worked in previous versions of Aspace. I have redacted the password here but it is only letters and numerals no special characters.

I am a little stuck. When I commented out the LDAP configuration then Aspace starts up but of course that means our staff can't log-in with their enterprise wide accounts. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

[Towson University logo]<http://www.towson.edu/>
Eric T. Gadsby
Pronouns: he/him/his
IT Operations Specialist  |  Albert S. Cook Library
P: 410-704-3340
egadsby at towson.edu<mailto:egadsby at towson.edu>  |  libraries.towson.edu<http://www.towson.edu/https:/libraries.towson.edu>

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