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Just catching up...

I just went through the process of merging 14 resource records into one. I wanted the resource records to become series records under a single resource record.
There are a few things I noted and did in advance:

  1.  You start the merge process from the resource record you want to as the resource.
  2.  The resource record being merged does not become a child record it goes away and only the component records move over while some of its data is merged into the parent resource it is being merged with.
  3.  To retain the data from the resource records to be merged, I first created a child record (series level) within each resource and recreated the data from the resource record. I used the reorder feature to move the entire structure under that new series. Upon merging, some of the data from the resource record was retained, in particular, related accessions but not everything. Because I created the series record before merging, that became the first level child record with all the data from the now defunct resource record plus the structure of that collection was retained.
Hope this makes sense and is useful.

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You can merge a resource record into another-I've not done it before, so I can't speak to the specifics. But at the collection or top level, you go into Edit mode. There should be a Merge button, and from there you can choose which Resource record you want to merge it into. Attaching a screenshot!


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There is a Transfer button above the tree when editing archival objects. It provides no way to specify where inside the destination resource to position the archival object, so you will then have to edit it again, enable reorder mode, and move it.

I've never used it myself, but I have used the corresponding API endpoints:



They also move subrecords of the record being moved.


On 21/07/2023 22:43, Paul Sutherland wrote:
Hi all,

I'm wondering if there's a quick way to move an existing archival object and its children to a position under another existing resource.

We have a collection that we wish to merge with another collection, by making the first collection a series of the second collection. We've made a finding aid for the second collection, and would like now to merge them.

I realise I could use some combination of the bulk import templates and bulk update spreadsheet to create new objects. A colleague has also been using EAD import for this. I'm wondering if there's a more direct way already inbuilt. This is something we expect to do a lot more soon.


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