[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Adding Resource ID to CSV Download of Search Results in ASpace

Aimee Truitt atruitt at ohiohistory.org
Tue Apr 18 08:29:57 EDT 2023

Hi James and everyone,

Thank you for your help and suggestions. I would love if the AS developers could sneak this in 😊

Best Wishes,


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Hi Aimee and all,

It seems the fields are hardcoded. It is a trivial change to add the identifier, at this line:

Something like this:
                params[:fields].prepend('collection_identifier_stored_u_sstr', 'collection_display_string_u_sstr', 'series_title_u_sstr')

Perhaps one of the AS developers can sneak this in ;)

And while they’re at it, it would be nice if the column headers were human friendly, rather than those solr field names.


On Apr 18, 2023, at 2:23 AM, Leah Tams <leah.tams at duke.edu<mailto:leah.tams at duke.edu>> wrote:

I wonder if creating a custom report might get around this issue for you and others? (Disclaimer: I’ve never created a custom report before.)


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Subject: [Archivesspace_Users_Group] Adding Resource ID to CSV Download of Search Results in ASpace

Hello Everyone,

I sent this question out last week, but am sharing again, with some examples, in case that helps my query.

When I work in ASpace, I use the "Manage Top Containers" search frequently. Sometimes it's helpful to download the CSV of the search, but it doesn't include the Resource ID in the CSV, even though it does in the search results. Is there a setting somewhere in the backend that dictates which fields get printed for the CSV and has anyone successfully added Resource ID?

Below is a visual of the problem:

The fields that show on the screen are:

And the ones I get when I "download CSV" are:


Abstracts of Clothing and Equipment Vol.
1 Stacks\, 4\, Track 01\, Range 004 [F04 T01 R004 V01 H10]
BV 02035

Having the SAS # (or whatever Resource ID) in the download, would be a big asset. Seems like a there should be a place to be able to specify which fields are showing and which fields download. I would appreciate any tips/tricks/suggestions! Thank you for your time and help.

Best Wishes,


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