[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Readmore script doesn't handle sub notes with lists

Scott Tyson Scott.Tyson at georgetown.edu
Fri Sep 2 08:00:00 EDT 2022

Hi ArchivesSpace users,

I’m writing to verify a possible bug that a colleague of mine encountered
while using ArchivesSpace version 3.2.0.

The “See more” functionality for “Scope and Contents” sub notes does not
work for sub notes that contain unordered lists. EAD lists
<https://www.loc.gov/ead/tglib/elements/list.html> render as unordered
lists. However, when a sub note with a list is truncated (or unexpanded)
the list is not hidden with the other extra text.

As far as I can tell, the script responsible for truncating sub notes and
the “See more” action, readmore.js.erb
does not handle unordered lists.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and should I file it in JIRA?

Thank you,
Scott Tyson

Scott Tyson
Senior Software Developer
Scott.Tyson at georgetown.edu
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