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Matt, well….that’s been the mystery for a few years. We pay a minimal fee to I.T. for our instance but it resides in an unknown (to us) place. I don’t have access to our AS. I think I.T. will surely provide something (a copy of download the data for us) this to us if we are to get on board with a host. I really just don’t know. That, you see is where I am wanting to mine your brains and experiences for alternatives or ideas.

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I guess I'm not exactly answering the question you are asking, but I think your AS server may be hosted by Amazon (AWS)<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https:/whatismyipaddress.com/ip/;!!GNU8KkXDZlD12Q!777GJx5eBnsEAzpqLG1UAOc_gEbIhCESr3iw3MPqS8oC4GefDNcD0GJp58Ajdbt_JEFtUQytBNQx8UPknBSy$>.  If so, who pays the AWS bill?  That department should have access.  I will be installing a plugin for AS 3.1.1 on a locally hosted linux VM on Monday.  I'd be willing to share my experiences.


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Long story short:

  *   Our instance of ArchivesSpace is controlled by a disbanded IT group at the University. One disbanded group member has been helping us along the way out of the kindness of their heart. This kind person either left or went to work at another campus. Therefore, we have lost our one person that could actually locate and adjust our AS.
  *   We do not have the bulk importer or any importer plug-in and obviously cannot add it to our instance because it is in the ‘upside down’.
  *   We used to be able to roundtrip EAD through Oxygen transforms (aspace-plus-excel-at-yale.xpr and the like). We cannot perform this any longer for some reason.
  *   We have 120,000 items to enter for a grant project coming due very soon.
  *   There is 1 of me and 1 half-time student

Can anyone help me figure out how to get around having to have the plug-in (this is just not an option until we gain control over our own instance) OR troubleshoot with me the reason we cannot transform or bulk upload EAD or csv as of last year?

Thank you kindly,

JA Pryse
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