[Archivesspace_Users_Group] lcnaf versioning, am I on the right track?

Matthew Lawson matt.lawson at uni.edu
Tue Nov 1 10:38:08 EDT 2022

I am trying to make sure admins at my school can use the lcnaf plugin with
3.1.1  There are a few things I don't understand yet.

I found an inherited line in the config file (commented out) that calls the
plugin, along with "local"  There is also a likely ancient lcnaf directory
in plugins.

So to modernize only the lcnaf plugin I will download
<https://github.com/archivesspace-plugins/lcnaf> unzip this directory and
rename it lcnaf, replacing existing, stop the service then uncomment the
plugin line in the config so that only lcnaf is active and restart the

Also, what does this mean in the readme?

"For ArchivesSpace version 3.0.0 , use the 2.0.0 tag."

Matt Lawson
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  /  Cedar Falls, IA 50614
uni.edu  /  *#1UNI*
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