[Archivesspace_Users_Group] (re)indexing in 2.8.1

Blake Carver blake.carver at lyrasis.org
Tue May 10 17:06:07 EDT 2022

 1x1 would mean setting both records_per_thread and thread_count to 1. Having loglevel on debug and running at 1x1, you'll be able to see exactly which thing is being indexed as it happens, and when it crashes, you'll see what it was working through at the time.

PUI will always take longer, and a VERY long time 1x1, but unless you're sure which indexer is crashing, I'd switch them both up.

You can just `grep Indexed archivesspace.out` after it's running and watch those numbers. As long as they're going up, all is well.

It is also possible that it will finish without crashing running so slow as well. I've seen that happen with LARGE records.
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Thanks, Blake.

Turns out we did add quite a few records recently, so maybe there was something in there that it did not like all that much.

How can you tell which record it is choking on?  Is that your "1x1" suggestion?  Or does the DEBUG option make that more clear?  I have my indexing set to:

AppConfig[:indexer_records_per_thread]      = 25
AppConfig[:indexer_thread_count]            = 2

for both PUI and Staff records. I believe you are suggesting it would most easily be found using 1 and 1?  I can see where that could take a long time. But it if is going to choke over and over on the same record, then that may be the best way to address it.

Do you think if I just did staff indexing without PUI, that it would be identified faster?  Or could it pass the staff side but then die on PUI later?

I hope to try some of these ideas after hours today, so if you can confirm that I've got the right idea, that would help.


On Tue, May 10, 2022 at 2:17 PM Blake Carver <blake.carver at lyrasis.org<mailto:blake.carver at lyrasis.org>> wrote:
> Is this possible?

Short answer, Yes, it's possible your indexer is starting over.

Long answer. This can be tricky to figure out. Something is wrong, the indexer never wants to do that. Sometimes "something" "bad" gets into ArchivesSpace and the indexer will just crash and start over. The problem is the "something" can be anything and the "bad" can be hard to figure out. The more stuff you have in your DB, the harder it is to figure out.

First, I'd make sure this is happening. Your logs should make it obvious. You might see some FATAL errors just before it starts over.  You MIGHT be able to narrow it down from that. That is, what group of records had that error in the logs? Maybe that narrows it down enough. You just got lucky!

I don't think I've ever been so lucky. What I'd do next is set your loglevel to DEBUG and restart. If you're feeling lucky or just impatient or both, leave the indexer speed as is. You'll get more details out of the logs and you should be able to narrow it down better. Ideally, you want to run the indexers at 1x1, which means it could take forrreeevverrrrr to get back around to the crash again. If you're lucky, it'll crash on a record, you'll go look at that record, the problem will be obvious, and there will be much rejoicing. With it running 1x1 you should see exactly what's causing the fail. If it's not crashing on the same record every time.... ugh. That's an even longer answer.

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I don't look at the logs a lot unless there are issues with ArchivesSpace, so maybe this is something normal. But, after a restart due to some complaints about database connectivity, it looks like our ArchivesSpace instance has decided to do a full reindex. The index log sure looks as if it is starting from scratch and running through the indexing of both PUI and Staff indexes.

Is this possible?  Is it something that happens periodically and I just did not notice it? Nothing has changed in my data directory, so I don't see any reason for indexing to occur. Yet that is what the logs show.

If it is doing this for some reason, and knowing that we restart periodically, it seems like we will get into a loop where indexing just keeps happening all the time. Also, it would be helpful to understand what caused this to happen.

Any thoughts or experiences from those who have run this for longer would be appreciated. I'd like to understand if it would be a good idea to clear the data directory and perform a full index over the weekend rather than an unexpected and possibly never ending round in the background.

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