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James E. Cross jcross at clemson.edu
Mon May 9 09:17:22 EDT 2022

I am working on instructions for using ArchivesSpace and a question has come up regarding the General relationship type in the Related Agents section of Agents. Can anyone point me to any definitions or use standards for the General relationship types in ArchivesSpace? Previous versions had definitions of the various relationships but that appears to be no longer true. I know that the types are based on the @cpfRelationType attribute values for the Relations element in EAC-CPF; I have looked at the documentation for the standard but do not any definitions for those values. Some appear to be relatively straightforward and are likely the same as in previous versions (e.g.,  Earlier/Later), but there are others that are not so clear. When would I use the Identity type, or the Temporal (instead of Earlier/Later)? Does Hierarchical fully replace Subordinate/Superior or if I wish to preserve the specific nature of the relationship information in the latter would I use Parent/Child? Is the Associative type still used mainly for officers of an organization or has it broadened out to any kind of "association?"

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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