[Archivesspace_Users_Group] MARC XML Resource import trouble

Regine I. Heberlein heberlei at princeton.edu
Tue Mar 22 11:38:13 EDT 2022

Hi Jared,

I think what “notes/1/subnotes/0/content : Property is required but was missing“ is telling you is that the note at index 1 in the notes array is missing a required property “content” in the subnotes at index 0.

Looking at your example, the second note (i.e. index 1) is this one, and it is indeed missing the “content” property:

{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_multipart", "subnotes"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_text"}], "label"=>"Physical Medium", "type"=>"phystech"}

Hope this helps!


Regine Heberlein (she/her)
Library IT Data Analyst
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Hi all,

I've been trying to import a MARC record into ASpace and have run into an error that has left me stumped. Here's a copy of it:

The following errors were found:
notes/1/subnotes/0/content : Property is required but was missing

 For JSONModel(:resource):
 #<JSONModel(:resource) {"jsonmodel_type"=>"resource", "external_ids"=>[],
"linked_events"=>[], "extents"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"extent",
"container_summary"=>"xiii, 194 pages including frontispiece, illustrations, maps, genealogical table, plates, 22 cm.", "portion"=>"whole", "number"=>"1", "extent_type"=>"linear_feet"}], "lang_materials"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"lang_material",
"notes"=>[], "language_and_script"=>{"jsonmodel_type"=>"language_and_script", "language"=>"eng"}}], "dates"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"date", "label"=>"creation", "date_type"=>"single", "begin"=>"1935"}], "external_documents"=>[], "rights_statements"=>[], "linked_agents"=>[{"role"=>"creator", "terms"=>[], "ref"=>"/agents/people/import_acefcf37-4c97-4cae-9ae3-d7297bf53620"}], "is_slug_auto"=>true, "restrictions"=>false, "revision_statements"=>[], "instances"=>[], "deaccessions"=>[], "related_accessions"=>[], "classifications"=>[], "notes"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_multipart", "subnotes"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_text", "content"=>"1935."}], "label"=>"Publication Date", "type"=>"odd"}, {"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_multipart", "subnotes"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_text"}], "label"=>"Physical Medium", "type"=>"phystech"},
{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_multipart", "subnotes"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_text", "content"=>"\"Companion volume: The real founders of New England, stories of their life along the coast, 1602-1628\"--Page [ii]."}], "label"=>"General Note", "type"=>"odd"}, {"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_multipart", "subnotes"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_text", "content"=>"\"Several pesons reputed to have been on the north east coast before 1602\"--Page 157-187."}], "label"=>"General Note", "type"=>"odd"}, {"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_bibliography", "content"=>["Bibliographical footnotes."], "items"=>[], "label"=>"Bibliographic References"}, {"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_multipart", "subnotes"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_text", "content"=>"The Siberian background -- Shell heaps and fish weirs -- The Trek to Greenland -- The Norse voyages to Vinland -- Did Gudrid the Skraeling \"Discover\" America? -- The dark centuries not very dark -- \"Ten men red with blood and dead\" -- Estotiland and Drogeo -- The fisheries of Baccalaos -- The fate of Greenland -- Vinland in the Icelandic mind -- A Cavalcade of ships -- The Cavalcade continues -- David Ingram walks through Norumbega -- Unprofitable \"IFS\" -- Appendix: Several persons reputed to have been on our Northeast Coast before 1602."}], "label"=>"Cumulative Index/Finding Aids Note", "type"=>"odd"}, {"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_multipart", "subnotes"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"note_text", "content"=>"Several persons reputed to have been on the north east coast before 1602, p. 157-187."}], "label"=>"Summary", "type"=>"odd"}], "uri"=>"/repositories/import/resources/import_844b9f12-aab7-4f67-94a1-b774dc93778c", "level"=>"item", "finding_aid_language"=>"eng", "title"=>"Terra Nova: the northeast coast of America before 1602; : annals of Vinland, Markland, Estotiland, Drogeo, Baccalaos and Norumbega/ by Charles Knowles Bolton; with illustrations by Ethel Stanwood Bolton.", "id_0"=>"imported-4998c9e6-51c5-4b6d-afee-37e0930e8a55", "finding_aid_script"=>"Zyyy"}>

The main thing tripping me up is that I don't really understand which property is supposed to be missing. Based on my experiences working with MARC, I don't see anything out of place and the error itself doesn't give me an idea of where I should even start looking. Anyone with more MARC and/or importing experience have any suggestions or advice?

Jared Walske (he/him)
Reference Librarian
The Public Library of Brookline
jwalske at minlib.net
<mailto:jwalske at minlib.net>
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