[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Lone Arranger ASpace Not Updating?

Christian, Kelly christiank23 at morainevalley.edu
Tue Jan 25 10:58:50 EST 2022

Hi there,

I am the archivist at Moraine Valley Community College outside of Chicago, IL. I am using the Lone Arranger Archivesspace package where we are lucky enough to pilot the public interface project. I am totally stumped with an issue regarding website updates. I understand that our package does not offer technical support, but I hope this is a brief and basic enough question that it can be answered.

I have updated several resources in our collection since my hire in August, but am not seeing them updating in our public interface. When I process incoming materials, I fill out the required fields, and have entered “True” in all relevant “Publish?” fields. I know that AS updates overnight, but these new updates have never shown up on our public site. Our internal site updates and is correct.

For example, I have added Box 4 and 5 here<https://archives.mvcc.lyrtech.org/catalog/oai:lonearranger%2F%2Frepositories%2F21%2Fresources%2F340> with no success. I’ve had the same issue with other parts of our collection that I have updated. I’m wondering if our public interface doesn’t update due to it being a pilot, or if there is something about our unique Lone Arranger package that doesn’t allow for us to do this. Alternately, I could still be doing something totally wrong but I’ve checked the training manual multiple times to investigate.

Thanks for your time,


Kelly Christian
Moraine Valley Community College Library
View our Archival Collection<https://archives.mvcc.lyrtech.org/catalog?f%5Blevel_sim%5D%5B%5D=Collection&f%5Brepository_sim%5D%5B%5D=Moraine+Valley+Community+College>

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