[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Repeating error message

Galligan, Patrick PGalligan at rockarch.org
Tue Jan 4 10:53:55 EST 2022


We’ve been getting the below error message about once a week for the past few weeks, which has required a restart of the AS system, but we’ve been unable to track down what’s causing it. We’re on AS version 3.1.1. When the messages start showing up, we’re unable to load resources or accessions. We are also using an external Solr index that is located on a different server.

Any ideas on where to start?

ERROR -- : Thread-2956: uri:classloader:/jsonmodel_client.rb:490:in `all'
/archivesspace/data/tmp/jetty- `block in main'

There are a lot of other messages in about ruby gems and the indexer like so:


There’s a lot going on in the messages, so any insight from someone that has seen this type of error message before would be helpful.

Patrick Galligan
Rockefeller Archive Center

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