[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ODBC advice

Karen Miller k-miller3 at northwestern.edu
Thu Feb 17 11:04:20 EST 2022

Hi Celia,

I had to redo my ODBC setting recently, so it’s relatively fresh in my mind. Here’s what I think is the relevant issue from our documentation at NUL:

Set up an ODBC connection with the following:

  *   Data Source Name: ArchivesSpace Production
  *   Description: can be left blank
  *   TCP/IP Server: [your TCP/IP server here]
  *   Port: 3306 [this is the default – yours may differ]
  *   User: [check with your DBA for this]
  *   Password: [check with your DBA for this]
  *   Database: can be left blank until the connection is first made, then should be archivesspace

If you want to check out your own configuration in the ODBC Data Source Administrator (click Configure to see how it’s set up for you), that should give you the TCP/IP server and the Port number.

If you need fuller instructions, I can edit our documentation to hide the local settings and send it along.


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Hi folks,

My colleague is trying to set up an ODBC connection between ArchivesSpace and MS Access (read-only) and has hit a dead end. I set it up for myself about 7 years ago and so my memory is foggy. Has anyone done it recently or can offer assistance? The step that is tripping her up is setting up the Data Source (on a Windows machine)


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