[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Error when trying to import XML file

Jared Walske jwalske at minlib.net
Mon Feb 7 10:45:59 EST 2022

Hi all,

I was trying to import a bunch of collection data via an MarcXMLfile and
got the following error message:


The following errors were found:
dates_of_existence/0/expression : is required unless a begin or end date is
dates_of_existence/0/begin : is required unless an expression or an end
date is given
dates_of_existence/0/end : is required unless an expression or a begin date
is given

 For JSONModel(:agent_person):
 #<JSONModel(:agent_person) {"jsonmodel_type"=>"agent_person",
"agent_contacts"=>[], "linked_agent_roles"=>[], "external_documents"=>[],
"notes"=>[], "used_within_repositories"=>[],
"dates_of_existence"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"date", "date_type"=>"single",
"label"=>"existence"}], "is_slug_auto"=>true,
"names"=>[{"jsonmodel_type"=>"name_person", "use_dates"=>[],
"authorized"=>false, "is_display_name"=>false,
"sort_name_auto_generate"=>true, "name_order"=>"inverted",
"primary_name"=>"Magalhães", "rest_of_name"=>"Fernão de",
"dates"=>"-1521", "source"=>"lcsh"}], "related_agents"=>[],


I had previously tested this with a cut down version of the same data that
imported just fine, so I'm not sure what exactly the issue is or what I
need to do to fix this so the file will import correctly. Any suggestions?


Jared Walske (*he/him*)
Reference Librarian
The Public Library of Brookline
jwalske at minlib.net
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