[Archivesspace_Users_Group] "Couldn't find enum" after v2.8.1 to v3.1.1 upgrade

Nick Butler npwb2 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Feb 1 12:50:09 EST 2022

Hi there,

I've been working on upgrading our test ArchivesSpace instance from v2.8.1 to v3.1.1. The database migrations all appear to have run correctly, and the site starts fine, but when I triggered a reindex the indexer logs are filled with stack traces of the following sort (abbreviated for brevity):

E, [2022-02-01T17:25:28.067043 #9213] ERROR -- : Thread-2024: Failed fetching resource id=1: {"error":"Couldn't find enum in begin_date_standardized_type for StructuredDateRange with id 3194:
/opt/archivesspace/data/tmp/jetty- `block in uses_enums'
/opt/archivesspace/data/tmp/jetty- `block in uses_enums'
org/jruby/RubyArray.java:1809:in `each'
/opt/archivesspace/data/tmp/jetty- `block in uses_enums'
/opt/archivesspace/data/tmp/jetty- `block in do_resolve'

I've checked the enumeration_value table, and there are no values with id = 3194, if that's relevant. All of the entries in our structured_date_range table have this value (3194), for both begin_ and end_date_standardized_type_id:

> select distinct begin_date_standardized_type_id, end_date_standardized_type_id from structured_date_range;
| begin_date_standardized_type_id | end_date_standardized_type_id |
|                            3194 |                          3194 |
1 row in set (0.043 sec)

I'm not sure where to begin troubleshooting this - any advice is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,
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