[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Publish status set incorrectly in Accession csv import

Wetherill, Julie M. julie_wetherill at harvard.edu
Wed Dec 7 13:05:15 EST 2022

Hi Leah,

User 0 reports that the user preference setting for ‘Publish’ is unchecked. Under ‘Repository Preferences’, it’s also unchecked.  --julie

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Hi Julie,

Are User 0’s settings correct? There is a setting for users that will automatically publish any record they create or upload. If that’s turned on, I’d suggest turning it off and then seeing if the problem persists.


On Dec 7, 2022, at 12:22 PM, Wetherill, Julie M. <julie_wetherill at harvard.edu<mailto:julie_wetherill at harvard.edu>> wrote:

Hi all,

We have a problem importing accession records by csv that seems to be limited to a single user's computer.

Accession imports by this staff user are loaded successfully, but the records always land in the system as published despite the accession_publish column being set to '0' (unpublished) across the board. Our public interface doesn't display accessions but PUI solr happily indexes them, so PUI users find these accession records but can't open them. So we don't want published accessions.

We are running v3.0.2 and the user (who I'm calling User 0) is working off a fresh accession csv template pulled from github.

Using the same csv, I am able to import accession records that load as unpublished. And other users in the same repository as User 0 can load that csv and get unpublished records. But not User 0.

All csv editing is done in a text editor and not Excel. I don't think this is an issue with user preferences or permissions (which are the same for everyone who has tested).

Using a hex viewer, I don't see anything funky going on with the value for accession_publish in the csv (it is the number zero).

Any ideas what is causing this weirdness? Many moons ago we had a similar issue importing EADs from spreadsheet and discovered that the internal Excel datatype assigned to the publish column was not what the loader expected, causing it to assign a default publish value regardless of the supplied value. But in the accessions case, Excel is not involved.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. Regards. -julie

Julie Wetherill
HUIT Library Technology Services
Harvard University
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