[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Auto spacing in Notes field

松山 ひとみ matsuyama-h at nakka-art.jp
Fri Apr 29 22:52:46 EDT 2022

Hi all,

We’ve been faced with a language-originated issue in AS’s Notes-Text field.

Since Japanese looks illegible without line breaks in a long description, we tried to use br-tags in the field as the sample image1 inserted below.

[グラフィカル ユーザー インターフェイス, テキスト, アプリケーション, メール  自動的に生成された説明]

Then, the number of these brs we wrote in the field seems automatically added after the end of the description line when the field is formatted.

[グラフィカル ユーザー インターフェイス, テキスト  自動的に生成された説明]

[テキスト  自動的に生成された説明]

This sometimes causes an unnecessarily wide break between abstract/scope and content and other essential information; Dates, Extent, and etc. listed in PUI.

Could we make line breaks in a Notes-Text filed without using br-tag?
If any alternative doesn’t work, could we eliminate the brs which automatically appear and create an unnecessary blank when formatted?


Hitomi Matsuyama, Audiovisual Archivist

Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka
4-3-1 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku
Osaka 530-0005 JAPAN
tel. +81 (0)6 64 79 05 58
email. matsuyama-h at nakka-art.jp<mailto:matsuyama-h at nakka-art.jp>

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