[Archivesspace_Users_Group] ASpace Version 2.8.0, custom plugin throwing error, "language"

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Good morning,

Question re: your statement.  I am using the (now) built-in Harvard plug-in to import my records into ASpace.  I have been using “multiple languages” in the "lang_materials" field.  With your statement, I am wondering if I can actually put the various languages, such as “English; French; Spanish” separated by a semicolon.  That would be much more useful that the term “multiple languages.”

Thank you for any insight you can provide.


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The simple "language" property of resources and archival objects (which I assume is what is held in the obj variable in your code), that held a single ISO 639/2 language code, was scrapped in 2.7.0. Instead, there is now a "lang_materials" property, holding a much more complicated data structure, to allow multiple ISO 639/2 language codes and/or language notes to be added to a record. Here's how the core ArchivesSpace MARCXML exporter handles that:



On 11/1/21 13:27, Mark Cyzyk wrote:

I have tracked down an error to Line 28 in our custom MARCXML export plugin:

#20160621LJD: 008 - Change 'xx' at positions 15-16 with 'mdu' for Maryland per technical services.
def self.assemble_controlfield_string(obj)
date = obj.dates[0] || {}
string = obj['system_mtime'].scan(/\d{2}/)[1..3].join('')
string += obj.level == 'item' && date['date_type'] == 'single' ? 's' : 'i'
string += date['begin'] ? date['begin'][0..3] : " "
string += date['end'] ? date['end'][0..3] : " "
string += "mdu"
17.times { string += ' ' }
string += (obj.language || '|||')                           ← LINE 28
string += ' d'

Insofar as this was working previous to our upgrade to ASpace Version 2.8.0 (Yes, I know, we're due for an upgrade!), can you see anything here that might be the cause of breakage?   Maybe "obj.language" is no longer correct???

Advice appreciated!



Mark Cyzyk, M.A., M.L.S.
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