[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Errors in ArchivesSpace logs

Tom Hanstra hanstra at nd.edu
Fri May 28 09:47:59 EDT 2021

I've been reviewing my ArchivesSpace logs and see a variety of ERROR
messages in the logs, particularly in the backend log, which I've broken
out separately, but also in the indexing logs.  These seem to be a variety
of Ruby and/or Jetty errors.

How do I determine if any of these rise to the level of issues to be
investigated?  Are these to be expected or are they indicative of
problems?  And if they are problems, where do I look to figure out what
is wrong?  In most cases, we have not seen ArchivesSpace run into issues,
though we did have to restart on 5/27 around 11:45, which may be related to
the 5/27 errors below.

Here are a few of the errors I've seen (minus a lot of detail):

E, [2021-05-18T12:29:47.624349 #2342] ERROR -- : Thread-3412: Unhandled
E, [2021-05-18T12:29:47.635490 #2342] ERROR -- :
invalid byte sequence in UTF-8
org/jruby/ext/strscan/RubyStringScanner.java:261:in `scan'

E, [2021-05-20T09:43:21.938983 #2326] ERROR -- : Thread-2852: UNEXPECTED
EXCEPTION on bulkimport load! undefined method
`title' for nil:NilClass
E, [2021-05-20T09:43:21.961757 #2326] ERROR -- : Thread-2852:

E, [2021-05-21T10:20:53.012297 #6626] ERROR -- : Thread-7622: Unhandled
E, [2021-05-21T10:20:53.471462 #6626] ERROR -- :
uninitialized constant Kernel::RepositoryWithAgent
Did you mean?  Repository
org/jruby/RubyModule.java:3760:in `const_missing'
org/jruby/RubyModule.java:3707:in `const_get'

E, [2021-05-27T09:14:00.663543 #6626] ERROR -- : Thread-8388: Unhandled
E, [2021-05-27T09:14:00.686600 #6626] ERROR -- :
key not found: 1484929
org/jruby/RubyHash.java:1261:in `fetch'

and from the index logs...

E, [2021-05-27T09:14:00.743424 #6626] ERROR -- : Thread-2930:
`block in index_paths_to_root'
org/jruby/RubyArray.java:1851:in `each_slice'

Any help in figuring things out would be useful.

*Tom Hanstra*
*Sr. Systems Administrator*
hanstra at nd.edu
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