[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Logs and database connections

Tom Hanstra hanstra at nd.edu
Fri Mar 19 09:45:55 EDT 2021

Back again...

I have yet another wrinkle to things which I'm trying to track down.

I've started working with another instance of ArchivesSpace just to try to
move things forward a bit faster and now have some different issues going
on, this time with my database connections.

In the logs, things were humming along when, for reasons unknown, they no
longer were humming:

I, [2021-03-19T05:09:13.304429 #13392]  INFO -- : Thread-2868: Staff
Indexer [2021-03-19 05:09:13 -0400] ~~~ Indexed 595
420 of 763368 archival_object records in repository UNDA
I, [2021-03-19T05:09:14.625595 #13392]  INFO -- : Thread-2906: PUI Indexer
[2021-03-19 05:09:14 -0400] ~~~ Indexed 43278
0 of 763368 archival_object records in repository UNDA
E, [2021-03-19T05:09:14.768619 #13392] ERROR -- : Thread-5364: Failed
fetching archival_object id=809925: {"error":{"db_
error":["Database integrity constraint conflict:
Java::JavaSql::SQLNonTransientConnectionException: No operations allowe
d after connection closed."]}}

It *looks* like something got lost, but after some digging, I'm beginning
to wonder what is actually going on. Note that the PUI and Staff indexing
threads are 2906 and 2868 respectively. Throughout the log, this is the
case. Then, the thread which complains about connections is 5364...a
completely different thread. I see no other references to that thread in
any logs. So, what, exactly, timed out here?

The thing that has me scratching my head is that Solr is continuing to see
increased numbers of records added (I started that from scratch along with
everything else). So, how can records be being added to the Solr index
without showing up in the logs?  Or could it be that it is just the log
writer which is timed out but indexing is still going on in the
background?  Is there any way, besides the logs, to know where indexing

I note that this database was dedicated only to this instance of
ArchivesSpace and continues to see activity. So if things have truly
failed, what is it doing?

I have a feeling that indexing is still going on but the logging just
stopped working properly. But is there any way to tell?


*Tom Hanstra*
*Sr. Systems Administrator*
hanstra at nd.edu
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