[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Change order of items on PUI navigation bar using local plug-in override?

Andrew Morrison andrew.morrison at bodleian.ox.ac.uk
Mon Mar 15 07:03:08 EDT 2021

The links in the navigation bar are defined an array called /$MAIN_MENU/ 
which is populated during start-up, using /AppConfig[:pui_hide]/ options 
to determine which of the standard links to include.

You can make adjustments to it in your plug-in's /public/plugin_init.rb/ 
file (if that doesn't exist yet create it as a blank file.)

To add a new link on the end, use this:

/Plugins::add_menu_item("path_on_server_or_full_url", "Label")/

To add one at the start use:

/Plugins::add_menu_item("//path_on_server_or_full_url//", "Label", 0)/

There is no ready-made method for re-ordering existing links, but you 
could do it with something like the following, for example to swap the 
2nd and 4th links:

/ArchivesSpacePublic::Application.config.after_initialize do//


Directly modifying a global variable like that would be a bad thing for 
a third-party plug-in to do. But for your local plug-in, customizing 
your implementation, it should be OK. Just remember that if you change 
your config.rb in the future, you might have to modify your plug-in too, 
otherwise it could break the public user interface. But this method runs 
on the server, during start-up, so is the most efficient option.


On 12/03/2021 19:27, Corey Schmidt wrote:
> Good afternoon all,
> I'm forwarding this message that a colleague of mine sent to the 
> Google Group, hoping to catch more bites here. Any advice/info would 
> be appreciated. Thanks!
>     We're using ArchivesSpace 2.7.1 and have been using the local
>     plugin overrides to customize. I've been successful in suppressing
>     items through the config file and relabeling using the
>     localizations, but I can't figure out how to change the order that
>     the links in the nav bar appear in. Anybody know how to do this? I
>     can't seem to find the relevant file. Currently we've got a local
>     copy of plugins\local\public\views\shared\_navigation.html.erb
>     that we are working with, and I see where it looks like it's
>     constructing the nav bar and links, but I'm not sure what the
>     underlying file is that I need to target to change it.
> My colleague suspects that control of the order of the links in the 
> nav bar exists outside of the local plugins architecture because it's 
> under the config folder filepath 
> (/public/config/initializers/public_new_defaults.rb?), which the 
> documentation on the local plugin says isn't one that LP includes.
> Thanks,
> Corey
> Corey Schmidt
> ArchivesSpace Project Manager
> University of Georgia Special Collections Libraries
> /Email:/Corey.Schmidt at uga.edu
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