[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Help suppressing a finding aid section

Custer, Mark mark.custer at yale.edu
Mon Mar 1 12:11:27 EST 2021

Hi Bridger,

Just a very quick reply, as I haven't had time to look at the newest release of ArchiveSpace, but...

  1.  Yes, I think you'd need to use a plugin or other mechanism to do this (lots of plugin examples out there, but if you have any questions about that, there are lots of people in the ASpace community that could help out).
  2.  I don't like the accordion approach overall, so maybe that will be updated at some point, but that still doesn't help you right now, of course.
  3.  Most importantly, if you do remove this section, I'd encourage you to think about not moving some of the data elsewhere, particularly the finding aid author, sponsor info (if applicable), etc.  I also wish that the finding author info could be managed as linked agents, rather than just text, but even as text it's very useful data!  Also, it provides credit as well as some visibility to archival labor (that's another reason I don't like the accordions, since it hides that info by default).

I hope that helps.  And I'm curious to hear more about whatever direction you wind up taking!

All my best


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Hi all -

I'm trying to think about suppressing a section of our finding aids in
the PUI, specifically the Finding Aid & Administrative Information. I'm
not sure, though, if this should be managed through the admin UI or

I had thought that there might be 'Publish' radio box on that section
in the admin UI, but maybe there isn't. Unless I'm missing something
(and I probably am!) in the admin UI, then addressing this
programmatically seems to be the way forward.

Does this sound accurate? What else should I be looking for? We're
running v2.5.1. Thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated -
thanks in advance for your time and trouble.

Bridger Dyson-Smith
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