[Archivesspace_Users_Group] logrotate and "binary" logs

Peter Heiner ph448 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Jun 15 04:42:56 EDT 2021

$ file as-log.out
as-log.out: data
This looks like the file utility was unable to determine the type of as-log.out. As it should normally be able to identify all types emitted by logrotate, this suggests to me that the actual file it was ran on is corrupt.
archivesspace/logs/archivesspace.out {
This may be a result of pasting, but AFAIK logrotate requires an absolute path.
This will default to gzip compression, with an extension '.<number>.gz' added to the filename. Normally, you would use the z* utilities (zcat, zless, zmore, zgrep, zdiff) to handle rotated logs as these will also handle uncompressed streams. I note that the filename above does not have the usual extension, but this may also be a result of pasting/obfuscation.

You should be able to run logrotate -d <configfile> and see all actions that would be performed according to configfile.


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