[Archivesspace_Users_Group] logrotate and "binary" logs

Dyson-Smith, Bridger bdysonsm at utk.edu
Mon Jun 14 15:00:36 EDT 2021

Hi all -

I recently setup logrotate according to the helpful blurb in the tech-
docs[1], which has been great for our disk usage but seems to have
introduced a change in the log file's `file` type. 

Before logrotate, we had 

$ file archivesspace.out 
aspace-log.out: ASCII text, with very long lines

and now with logrotate in play, we have

$ file as-log.out
as-log.out: data

which causes all sorts of trouble if I want to do anything other than
tail a log :). 

I guess I was hoping someone may a suggestion or two about how to
approach this, either from the logrotate side or perhaps using another
utility to either modify the `file` metadata or parse the binary format
to something greppable?

Thanks for any advice you can share. My searching hasn't panned out.


[2] my config:
archivesspace/logs/archivesspace.out {
        rotate 7

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