[Archivesspace_Users_Group] Error setting parent of Archival Object via API

Keswick, Thomas (Tommy) tkeswick at caltech.edu
Mon Aug 23 19:30:24 EDT 2021


I’m trying to use the Set the parent/position of an Archival Object in a tree<https://archivesspace.github.io/archivesspace/api/#set-the-parent-position-of-an-archival-object-in-a-tree> API endpoint but I am getting an error when I supply both the archival object ID and the parent ID in what should be the correct way. The Archival Object is an item-level record and the parent is a series-level record, both under the same Resource.

The error is:
    "error": "comparison of Integer with nil failed"

Here is some sample Python code that fails:
import json

from asnake.client import ASnakeClient

asnake_client = ASnakeClient()

parent_post_response = asnake_client.post(
print(json.dumps(parent_post_response.json(), sort_keys=True, indent=4))

The locally installed ArchivesSpace version that I am testing on is 2.8.1 currently.

Thanks for any help.


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