[Archivesspace_Users_Group] question about exporting ref ids and related q about component unique ids

Wendy Scheir scheirw at newschool.edu
Tue Sep 15 11:37:53 EDT 2020


In v2.8, I want to import digital objects and associate them with existing
archival objects without having to do these associations manually DO by DO.
The only way that I can see how to do this would be to export a collection
in EAD format, transform the EAD into csv or xls, copy the ref ids into the
DO import spreadsheet, fill out the rest of the DO spreadsheet, and import
the digital object spreadsheet.

My questions are:
1. Will this method I've described work?
2. Is this the easiest way to accomplish the task through the staff
3. If not, would someone point me to instructions on a better way to do it?

And, a related question:
4. Is there a way to make Component Unique Identifiers replace
auto-generated ref ids?

Many thanks,
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